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The new HEC-20Dual17-Five is a powerful, 2-wheel drive ebike!  The little brother of the HEC-26DUAL17-Five thats smaller on the frame size but not smaller on the POWER!!   It features a 1000 watt rear motor and another 750 watt motor on the front! Until now, other e-bikes on the market have been powered by 36 or 48 volt batteries, powering single 500, 750 or, on some bikes, 1000 watt motors. Not Hardcore! The HEC-20DUAL17-Five e-cycle sports a 60 volt 20 amp hour battery!  This awesome bike fits the riders that have a 31 inch inseam or less without compromising power!!


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Our electric bike (aka e-bike or ebike) accelerates to 20+mph and can be programmed for faster speeds, but it’s not about the speed. It’s about the power to climb and endure tough conditions!

Over 40 Miles Per Charge

Tested at over 40 miles per charge. It features five (5) selectable, electric speeds and 24 pedal speeds that work together. If you choose not to pedal at all, just use the ALL NEW TWIST THROTTLE to quietly roll. The patented, smart-assist feature cuts the power when you pull on either disc brake, an important safety feature only on Hardcore electric bikes!

Front adjustable suspension shocks work in conjunction with our innovative shock-supported seat to give you a comfortable ride over tough terrain.

Our all new LED display keeps you informed on how much battery you’re using and how much you’ve got left plus keeps track of your miles and speed.

Recharge this E-Bike in Just 4-6 Hours!

A full re-charge takes just 4-6 hours and the long life of our lithium battery will keep you rolling for years.

12 Month Warranty

Our components are all plug and play in the case of replacement and we offer a 12 month warranty on the electrical components including the battery!

Don’t waste your hard earned money on a weak powered bike! Go Hardcore!


Hardcore eCycles HEC-20Dual17-Five is pushed from the rear with our 1000 watt powerhouse and pulled from the front with our 750 watt powered by a 60 volt 18 amp hour lithium battery. This product is NOT FOR CHILDREN. This product is designed for off-road use or where legal. Always abide the law. A helmet is always recommended. Purchasers will ride at free will and assume all risk.

Additional information


1000 watt geared hub motor on rear and a 750 watt geared hub motor on the front


Five adjustable speed, 1:1 pedal assistant

Initiating Mode

PAS and thumb throttle


60 volt battery, 20 amps


30-50 miles, 1:1 PAS mode


Intelligent brushless 60V


71.4V, 5A 100-240V input

Charging Time

4-6.5 hours

Max Speed

33 mph (55 kmh)


265 lbs. (120 kg)


6061 Aluminum Alloy


20", 4.0 fat tire, off-road

Front Fork

Suspension aluminum alloy fork

Front Brake

Tektro 180 Disc Brake

Rear Brake

Tektro 180 Disc Brake


Shimano 24 Speed with derailleur

Handle Bar

6061 Aluminum alloy black handle bar

Brake Lever

Conjointed shifter with power cut-off brake, Shimano series


LCD display, can show Distance, Mileage, Temperature, Voltage, Error Code, Cruise Control, Auto-dimming, and more


Rust resistant chain


Aluminum alloy crankset


Mountain bike saddle


Aluminum alloy pedal


5 watt, LED headlight with USB charger port


N.W.: 78 lbs, 35.4 kg

Carton Size

59.4" x 16.1" x 31.1" (151 x 41 x 79 cm)

2 reviews for HEC-2WD 17-FIVE 20 INCH

  1. Austin Marshall (verified owner)

    Incredible bike! I hunt a lot of hills and this bike has no problem going up them even in the nasty muddy spring/winter conditions. Extremely happy with my decision!

  2. Dennis McFadden (verified owner)

    I am very happy. Very Fun machine. I need to stop using the throttle and do some pedaling. Lots of power I quickly tested one hill in the Alfa field. The bike handled it with ease. I was concerned about the 20” tires being too small I did not want to look like the guy that still lives in his mom basement that never left town and was still riding a BMX bike. I quickly put that thought aside. Getting on and off the bike is a breeze. Once I get my Hunting and Photography gear organized, I will do some test runs. Turkey season is approaching fast. The Hardcore Team Delivered a great product. Thank you!!!

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