The Best Electric Bikes are Hardcore Because…

Hardcore eCycles are designed by a whitetail fanatic, specifically for the hardcore hunter’s needs. These electric bikes are designed to be part of your plan to be successful and quiet – no scent and no sweat! Getting in and out undetected is a huge part of consistent success in the chase. Both wheels are powered. This is what we as hunters need because the terrain we hunt demands it. These e-bikes are ready to hunt and equipped not to nickel and dime you for essential accesories. Fenders, front and rear racks, head and tail lights, and hydraulic brakes are all standard items on Hardcore eCycles. The high performance battery will take you over 40 miles on a single charge.

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Our Story

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We are excited to tell you about our new electric bike we have brought to market.

Electric bikes have become very popular in recent times for many purposes but the one common problem they all have in common is a distinct lack of power…not Hardcore! We are in this business for the simple reason that nothing on the market could satisfy our standards to purchase one! So we decided to bring one to the market that covers the power problem and much more!!

The differences between our bike and every other bike on the market are the power and value for your hard earned dollar. Until now, bikes on the market have been powered by 36 or 48 volt batteries, powering 500, 750 or in some bikes, 1000 watt motors. Not Hardcore! Sixty (60) volts pushing a 2000 watt powerhouse is the recipe for the inclines and rough country that hardcore sportsmen face! We needed performance in the obstacles we face, so we brought plenty of power to get it done!

Our bike accelerates to 30 plus mph in around 6 seconds but it’s not about the speed, it’s about the power to climb and endure tough conditions!

The bike has proven to get over 30 miles per charge. Select from 5 electric speeds and 21 pedal speeds that work together. You may choose not to pedal at all and just use the thumb throttle to quietly roll. The patented, smart-assist feature cuts the power when you pull on either disc brake, an important safety feature only on Hardcore electric bikes!

Front adjustable suspension shocks work in conjunction with our innovative shock supported seat to give you a comfortable ride on tough terrain.

Our LED display keeps you informed on how much battery you’re using and how much you’ve got left plus keeps track of your miles and speed.

A full re-charge takes just 4-6 hours and the long life of our lithium battery will keep you rolling for years. Our components are all plug and play in the case of replacement and we offer a 15 month warranty on the electrical components including the battery!

Don’t waste your hard earned money on a weak powered bike! Go Hardcore!